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About us

Faculty of Religious Studies: Theology and Beyond

Among the faculties of religious studies in Turkish higher education, our faculty is the first one under the name "Religios Studies".

The Faculty of Religious Studies has started education with 60 students as of 2018-2019 academic year.

The duration of the education is 5 years with one-year compulsory Arabic preparatory training.

30% of the courses are given in Arabic.

Our faculty consists of three departments: Basic Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Islamic History and Arts. A program of compulsory and elective courses is offered.



We aim:

to provide students with a multidimensional approach and a more advantageous position in the fields of research, understanding, interpreting and analyzing the social, psychological and philosophical dimensions of religion,

to produce knowledge, to offer solutions to the needs of the individual and society in terms of religious beliefs and values, and to train specialists in the fields of scientists, intellectuals, researchers, teachers and religious services,

to contribute to the understanding of the corporate identity and the higher education framework, the correct understanding of religious beliefs / sects, and the development of relations between different religious beliefs / sectarian members in the globalized world.


Student-Oriented Education

The one-year Arabic Preparatory School is held in 15-person classrooms by using modern methods in the School of Foreign Languages ​​of our University.

Students who successfully complete their preparatory education come to our faculty from the first grade. The student quota is low, this is preventing the student to be lost in the crowd. The fact that the faculty member number is close to the number of students in our faculty provides one-to-one education and counseling services to our students.

In the Faculty of Religious Studies, instead of classical teaching method, a researcher and a questioning teaching method is applied. Our students are not limited to get information but also produce information.

In our faculty, there are rich elective courses that will develop the ability to understand, interpret and discern and to specialize. The second foreign languages and the opportunity to participate actively in research projects are provided.

Second Foreign Language

 Our students have the opportunity to learn English, German, Chinese, Persian, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Armenian and Russian as a second foreign language.


Double Major and Minor

It is possible for our students to have a double degree with double major and minor programs within Social Sciences University of Ankara.

Graduate education guidance services are offered to those who wish to become researchers.


Farabi, Erasmus and Mevlana

Farabi, Erasmus and Mevlana programs are offered to our students so that they can study in different universities in Turkey and abroad.


Pedagogical Formation

Pedagogical formation courses are taught within the faculty itself during the training process. Students who have graduated by taking the certificate of formation get the right to be a teacher.



Students who graduated from the Faculty of Religious Studies work as research assistants, teachers, mufti, preachers, family and religious guidance personnel in the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of National Education and the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

In addition, our students are also employed in public institutions and private sector organizations that consider their bachelor's degree sufficient.